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Controlling Investments in Enduring Companies

Integrity, focus, and patient capital

Small teams of good people, united by purpose and integrity, can build something amazing.

About Foxbridge Capital

The next generation, with an old school approach

Foxbridge Capital, LLC is a privately held, entrepreneurial investment firm seeking to acquire and operate small to medium size companies. Foxbridge will make controlling investments in stable, profitable companies with annual revenues of $10 to $40 million and cash flows of $2 to $6 million.


A distinctive combination of people, philosophy, and expertise, Foxbridge provides business owners with a compelling opportunity to expand on the legacy and continued success of their business.

Our Ideal Partner

You are...

  • Starting to think about retiring or transitioning out of your business 

  • Ready for the next chapter but haven't found a succession plan option that resonates with you

  • Looking for a fair and optimal value, but see the sale of your business as more than just a financial transaction

Your company has...

  • Highly predictable revenues that have been growing at a reasonable pace

  • Customers that have stuck around over many years, none of which is a dominant portion of your revenue

  • Maintained a stable level of profitability

Your industry...

  • Your segment is growing!

  • Niche enough to raise some eyebrows at a party

  • Software, tech-enabled services, and areas ripe for technology-centric value creation

  • Low recurring capital expenditures

Every successful relationship starts with a conversation
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